Power your computer networks with data cabling done the right way. SMR Security is a leader in data cabling for businesses of all sizes. Because your company and data cabling needs are unique, our first step is understanding your goals today and for future growth. We specialize in: Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7a, Fiber Optic & more.

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An effective wireless network must be fast, secure and user-friendly. Whatever the size and scope of your needs, SMR Security has the expertise to design, install and configure your wireless network. Our experienced engineers can develop wireless solutions customized for your unique business.

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Fiber optic cabling not only supports a significant portion of the world’s internet, TV and phone systems, it’s also the foundation of your company’s IT infrastructure. Trust SMR Security to design, install and test the right high-performance fiber optic or copper cabling solution for your organization.

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The SMR Security team includes experienced data engineers along with fully credentialed electricians, so you can get custom electrical and data cabling solutions with one call, saving you money and time. Whether you need help with circuits, electrical panels, floor boxes, certification or other electrical cabling needs, the experts at SMR Security can help.

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No matter what industry you’re in, cyber security is a top priority. With businesses facing constantly changing and evolving threats, a vigilant, multi-layered approach to securing your data systems is crucial to reducing your vulnerability to cyber attacks. The cyber security experts at SMR Security use continuously updated, state-of-the-art software to ensure your IT system is secure, constantly monitored, and well protected.

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Controlling access to your property has never been more critical, from schools to residences to businesses. Today’s access control systems are highly advanced and customizable, providing many choices for securing and opening doors, video monitoring and recording of whoever enters and exits your building, and connecting entry points via networking to better secure the flow of people throughout your facility.

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Internet protocol cameras, or IP cameras, have taken digital video surveillance to new levels of effectiveness and clarity. These cameras and surveillance systems are available in a wide range of performance options, sizes, and costs to get the system that works for you. View your premises from anywhere in the world through your smartphone, tablet, or computer, with excellent image quality, even in low light settings, and the ability to zoom in and adjust viewing angles using our program.

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“I have greatly appreciated the professionalism and service of being an SMR Security Services customer and the peace of mind my community enjoys from being secured by a locally owned security company.”

Karla Anaya
Community Manager | SpectrumAM