Commercial Security Services

Commercial Properties

Our goal is to create a security climate that fits the atmosphere of your office building while protecting all parties involved.

Construction Site Security

Construction Sites

Construction sites are often targets of organized crime. Our team’s active presence at your site will provide a deterrent for criminal activity.

Emergency Security Response

Emergency Response

We take pride in our ability to respond at a moments’ notice to ensure the safety and security of any and all unexpected situations.

Homeowners Association Security

Homeowners Associations

Our priority is to protect your property with professionalism, and attention to detail, while providing a command presence that deters crime.

Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile Patrol

We cast a visual presence of protection that enhances the safety of a community or property that provides peace of mind to our clients.

Security Guard Services

Security Officers

When you have a space that demands a watchful eye, our team at SMR will go above and beyond through our extreme attentiveness and professionalism.  We will provide state certified and licensed security guards that are trained specifically to meet the needs of your site.

The golden rule of security is to remain watchful: observe and report. We go above and beyond safety first through our extreme attentiveness and professionalism. Our goal is to serve with integrity and make every client feel cared for and safe.

We apply the GLAD customer service standards to our approach to safety and security. This means our team will always Greet, Listen, Answer, and Deliver on a clients’ needs with the utmost professionalism. When you have a security need, we like to start with a conversation, listen to your needs, review the site our team will be securing and offer an expertly tailored plan to ensure you have the highest level of protection.

We hire the most qualified and carefully screened personnel to meet your security needs. We pay above market rates for our employees to ensure that we get the best. Through our comprehensive evaluation process, we ensure that we assign the right person to each unique environment and prepare our staff to become a seamless part of your team.



Our team feels privileged to serve others in this capacity. We take your need to feel safe and cared for seriously. When we approach a unique safety or security situation, we look at all angles to determine the best approach to keep all involved safe.



We focus on providing quality leadership to our team at SMR Security. We set the example we’d want our own kids to follow. When others see us lead with integrity, they are apt to follow suit. We also consistently motivate our team to grow personally and professionally.



We promise to always be there when you need us. This means following through on our commitment to your security plan, as well as maintaining a watchful eye in our preventative approach to your safety. We prioritize integrity to earn your trust and keep it.