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We Leverage Visual Presence to Create Peace of Mind

Simply put, our physical presence creates a strong visible deterrence from any harmful activity to you or your property. We use marked vehicles with strobe lights to create high visibility for anyone in the area. This active mobile patrol casts a visual presence of protection that enhances the safety of a community or property.

Before creating a plan for enabling a mobile patrol for your property, we always discuss and listen to your needs, review the site and offer an expertly tailored advice to ensure the highest level of protection. We’ll consider various options to create the mobile patrol experience that is tailored to your needs.

With our mobile patrol on your property, you can experience peace of mind.

The following are some ways we’ve offered our mobile patrol services, and just a start of the ways we can serve you.

  • Visual presence on day one
  • A marked vehicle with strobe lights
  • Real-time tracking of all patrol vehicles
  • After hours dispatch service
  • Preventative step to deter crime

“I have greatly appreciated the professionalism and service of being an SMR Security Services customer and the peace of mind my community enjoys from being secured by a locally owned security company.”

Karla Anaya
Community Manager | SpectrumAM