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We Add the Extra Level of Safety Needed to Make You Feel at Home

SMR tailors its security services to match the needs of individual homeowners’ associations, from apartment properties to private communities. Our priority is to protect the property and those who call those spaces home while also making everyone comfortable with our presence. We want to feel like the right fit and become a natural asset for the living environment.

Before proposing a plan for your property, we always start with a conversation, listen to your needs, review the site and offer an expertly tailored plan to ensure the highest level of protection. Feeling safe is essential to making any living space feel like home, and we take this work seriously.

When we meet at your site to review your specific needs, we’ll consider various options to enhance safety at your property. SMR can support your property with any combination of standard security measures. We are always growing as a security team, and available to support custom needs as it fits.


Sloppy handwritten reports, or reports written in a simple word
processor are a thing of the past. Say hello to color-coded, GPS
and time-stamped reports that reduce your risk and liability.

SMR Daily Activity Repoort

SMR Security Report

SMR Security Summary Report

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