At SMR, we care about our people. We are willing to pay above industry average for security professionals willing to showcase above average work. People who work at SMR consider safety more than just a payday.

We highly value ongoing personal and professional growth and invite our team members to regular trainings throughout the year. We offer bonuses and other incentives to honor and acknowledge the service you provide to our company and clients.

We are looking for people who embrace the following qualities:

  • Reliability
  • Willingness to learn
  • Flexibility
  • Professionalism

We are a career minded business and want to continually provide the opportunity for you to grow with SMR.

We implement a 3-point hiring system for our clients’ various security needs. Team members appointed to a specific site will be selected through these three people:

  • Approved by SMR’s human resources personnel
  • Approved by an SMR site supervisor
  • Approved by the client’s designated site representative


This process ensures our security professionals are selected for the jobs that suit them, and vice versa. We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident in the people behind every security plan.

Our security staff is required to maintain their own licenses as required by the Department of Public Safety. We will continually support our team in renewals and other ongoing training to make this possible.


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