Sishman M. Rimpson Photo

Who We Are

I’m not supposed to be here. Raised by a single mom in a disadvantaged community, I know how things can feel during ugly times. Through hard work and a leap of faith, I now cherish the opportunity to serve my community in a way that makes every individual feel safe.

For me, SMR goes beyond the work we do for our clients. Our ability to perform and serve the people we do creates a platform to speak to those who believe they are stuck and are going to be a product of their environment. I am a proud father of 5 sons, and I want them and others to hear this message loud and clear.

When you work with SMR, you are hiring an honest team of individuals who value integrity and take your needs seriously. Your safety is our bottom line.

I am founder, Sishman M. Rimpson. I have lived in the security world since the beginning of my career. Seeking stability in the early days of entering fatherhood, I made the quick decision to join the military. While nobody in my family had ever left home, it took only two weeks for me to say, “Yes.”

Working with the military, I soon fell in love with serving through security. To make others feel safe and protected felt like a great way to make my footprint in the world. I left the military in 2007 and had the opportunity to work for FEMA during the emergency response after Hurricane Gustav. From there, my career spiraled, which lead me to management roles in the security industry.

In 2016, SMR started with some smaller security contracts, and we have grown into the reputable source of safety we continue to provide today.

Security. Management. Reliability.

While our company name mimics my initials, it’s more about what those words mean to the people we serve: every client wants – to feel safe, they want someone else to manage this experience, and it is essential that this person is reliable.

It is a privilege to serve our clients, and we do not take this for granted. That’s why we’re serious about hiring a quality team of security professionals who operate with 100% integrity in every job. We continually seek opportunities to grow and thrive as security professionals and prioritize ongoing training to serve your needs continuously.

“I have greatly appreciated the professionalism and service of being an SMR Security Services customer and the peace of mind my community enjoys from being secured by a locally owned security company.”

Karla Anaya
Community Manager | SpectrumAM